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Charitable Organizations & Professional Fundraiser Forms and Fees

Click on the form link to download the form. Submit the completed form with the filing fee, if applicable, to the Secretary of State Charities Division. Be sure to sign the printed form.

Form Form # Fee For Use By
Registration of Charitable Organization CHR-1 $15.00
  • Independent organizations collecting under $1 million per year
  • Organizations collecting over $1 million per year
  • Parent Organizations with affiliates operating under same registrations
Registration of Professional Solicitor or Fundraising Counsel CHF $100.00 Persons or organizations paid to solicit contributions or advise organizations about fund raising
Professional Fundraiser Bond N/A No Fee $10,000 bond with corporate surety for all professional solicitors or fundraising counsel
Computation of Fundraising Percentage Form CFP No Fee This form is required if your organization files a Form 990-N or is not tax-exempt with the IRS
Professional Fundraiser Bond URSS-1 No Fee Attachment for organizations filing the unified registration statement

Late Registration Fee

WARNING! Late Registration Fees Add Up!

The law sets a $25.00 per month late fee for each month the registration is late for a charitable organization or professional fundraiser that does not file its registration or renewal on time. An organization cannot be properly registered until both the registration fee and late fee(s) are paid.

Do not place your organization in jeopardy! File registration and renewal applications promptly.

Contact the Charities Division for further assistance regarding charitable organizations, professional fundraisers or fundraising counsels.

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