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Administrative Law

Rule-Making Deadlines

Rule Making Deadlines

This year’s rule-making deadlines for the 2019 Legislative session are quickly approaching. All proposed rules must be put out for public comment by Wednesday, June 27th. Agency approvals must be filed by Friday, July 27th.

After this year, the deadline dates will be much easier to calculate. With the passage of SB522, beginning in 2019, the deadline for agency approvals will be the last Friday in July. In 2020 and every four years after, the last Friday in August. This makes the public comment period deadline 30 days prior.

Rules Accepting Comments


Do you have an interest in any of this year’s proposed rules? Would you like to be an active participant in the process? Before a rule becomes part of the Code of State Rules, it is made available to the public for comments.

To see the list of rules with open comment periods, go to Proposed Rules and click on the table column header “status”. Those with the status of “comment” are currently receiving comments. The notice attached to the pdf file contains the information. All comments go directly to the Agency proposing the rule.

Executive Records

Executive Records

As the keeper of the Governor’s official papers, there are many documents filed here. Aside from Executive Orders, Proclamations, and Appointments of State Officials there are some miscellaneous records as well.

Each year, the Secretary of State’s office sends reminders to each of the County Commissions in West Virginia reminding them of the requirement to send a list of the Public Service Districts located in their county. Those lists and many other records are available in the Executive Records Search.

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